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Following God's call has allowed me to serve the church and non-profits in a multitude of roles and locations for the past twenty years. My belief in the power of story has guided my ministry as a writer. My work has been published online in places like Christianity Today, (in)Courage, Jesuits News, Red Letter Christians, and Christians for Social Action. I served as a contributor and editor at SheLoves Magazine and The Mudroom and have published essays and devotions in several books. I am a Communications Strategist at Ruby Brick, helping non-profit clients amplify their messages.


I love those "me too" moments when you read someone's story and discover you aren't alone. I write so others will have a companion on the journey. 


For years I said, "I am a writer, not a speaker." Though I often spoke and taught in my ministry roles, I came to faith in a tradition that did not ordain women leaders. I found my voice among online communities of blogging and writing women, through Spiritual Direction, Theological Education, and Contemplative practice. When I least expected it, God brought bold women Pastors and Priests into my life. Through their encouragement, I discovered the call I'd been denied and denying.


Now, I long to see all God's people live into their gifts and callings. Never stop listening and learning, and God will never stop surprising you!

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