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In the Silence, You Speak {Holy Week: Wednesday}

At the "Wailing Wall,"  what remains of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount

At the "Wailing Wall," what remains of the Western Wall of the Temple MountAfter another packed day Tuesday in Jerusalem in which Jesus confronted religious leaders, taught about the End times , spoke of his death and His return at the second coming, we hear nothing from Scripture about Wednesday.  We can only guess what Jesus and His disciples did that day.  Did they prepare for the Passover?  Did Jesus continue to teach?  My thought is that after the exhaustion of the previous days and before the trying days ahead, they retreated to Bethany to rest.  To pray.  To spend time at the feet of the One who would soon wash their feet. Today the temple where Jesus spent much of His last week no longer exists.  Pieces of it remain and when you visit Jerusalem no matter the time of day or year, you will see Jews and Christians alike crowded around the wall that remains of the temple.  Some are silent, some celebrating the coming of age of young men, some weeping and rocking back and forth in prayer.  If you look closely in every crack of the stones and littered across the base of the wall, like the delicate wings of birds flapping in the wind, you will see thousands of pieces of paper.  They are names and prayers, placed into the wall, in hopes that God will hear and answer.  This wall is the closest the Jewish people of today can get to the Holy of Holies to pray as they are no longer allowed to pray on the temple mount where the Presence of God once resided.  People from all over the world venture to this place to speak to God.  Sometimes songs rise from the side of the Mount and sometimes the sound of actual cries to God can be heard.  Though the temple does not remain, God is not silent.  In His Word, in the heart of those who seek Him, He speaks... We can't know for sure what Jesus did that final Wednesday but in the silence, God speaks to our hearts.  If only we will be still enough to listen.    Music to me is the most beautiful expression of poetry, penetrating our hearts.  This song is reverberating in my heart today and I can't say it any better than this....


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