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Updated: Jan 23

31 Days of Practicing Faith

In October, I am free writing for five minutes a day—raw and unedited—on practicing faith in the every day. Each day is based on a different prompt from 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes

{Day 9} - Post-it

Stacks of paper sat scattered all around me. I had emptied the contents of my bag onto the floor as I tried to sort out the notes I had made all week. I crumpled up one sticky note after another as I rewrote what was written on them into my new bullet journal. My life had come to feel so fractured. Faith. Family. Work. Writing. The move we are preparing for. I had to-do lists for every area of my life and at the end of the day, my mind would race as I thought through all the lists. Did I miss something? Was there a deadline I forgot? Who was going to pay the price for my fractured thinking next? I knew my inability to focus was coming from the way I had been trying to segment my life into categories of lists, reminders scattered around me on post-it notes. I was trying to unite all my lists into one, but my latest attempt to organize my muddy thoughts went so much deeper than that. My soul felt fractured, too. Many of those notes had reminders to pray for a friend scribbled on them, but they often got lost at the bottom of the bag along with reminders of spirit week or that bill to pay. I knew the most important things were falling through the cracks—the urgent so often crowding out the important. I asked God to give me an undivided heart to go with an unfragmented mind. I knew I couldn't live with my affections divided anymore. He had to be the center of all or the important would continue to get lost in the shuffle.


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