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You Died For Us {Holy Week: Saturday}

A stone like that which covered the Garden Tomb

A stone like that which covered the Garden TombThe Saturday of Holy Week must have been heart wrenching for the disciples and family of Jesus.  Their dreams of the Messiah were crushed with His death and they hid in fear or the same fate.  Though He had told them of His resurrection, they didn't yet understand. The stone in front of His tomb sealed their fates....or so they thought.

You Died For Us When we were hurting, you healed. When we were hungry, you fed. When we were dirty, you made clean. When we were crying, you dried our tears. When we did not understand, you taught us again. When we fell, you lifted us out of the waters. When we had no words, you knew our hearts. When we were condemned, you threw no stones. When we were blind, you made us to see. When we needed love, you let us sit at your feet. When we denied you, you gave us second chances. When we were still sinners, you died for us.


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