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Faith isn't about answers. It's about asking questions and listening for God's voice in the noise.

"If someone wants to learn more about God, [Jesus] implies, it will involve more than believing someone else's answers. It will involve thinking deeply about the questions you are asking and why. Then it will involve acting on the answers you come up with in order to discover what is true."
- Barbara Brown Taylor, Holy Envy

Journaling Your Faith Story

The Catechism is a summary of the church's teachings, meant to be the launching point to further instruction and lifelong growth in the Christian faith. The ancient practice of new believers' learning in question and answer format is reflected in the Episcopal Catechism found in The Book of Common Prayer

Rather than simply learning answers to questions, this Imaginative Catechism can be a way to engage with the essential questions of faith. Seven exercises will allow you to journal your way through the statements of faith and practice. Find your place in God's story and the community of faith.


Let's journey together through the Catechism. Discover: 

My Story

Who am I?  Where did I come from? What is my purpose? How are we to live in this world and connect to others? 

The Story of God and Our World

Who are we in relation to God?  What do we know about God and how do we know it? How is God involved in the world? How can we experience God in our lives?

Our Story

Where did we lose our connection to ourselves, God, and each other?  How can we move beyond separation and be restored to goodness and unity? How can we continue Christ's work in the world and live together as the Body of Christ?

Church Cross


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Start Here.


Who are we in relation to God?


  • Human Nature

  • God the Father

  • The Old Covenant

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